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A pocas semanas del cincuenta aniversario del asesinato de John F. Kennedy –uno de los eventos más traumáticos de la historia estadounidense– la History News Network nos ofrece una recopilación de interesantes y valiosos trabajos sobre diversos aspectos de la vida y obra del trigésimo quinto presidente de los Estados Unidos. Comparto con mis lectores este valioso recurso.

HNN Hot Topics: John F. Kennedy

This Book Was the First to Spill JFK’s Secrets.
by John B. JudisSo why has «The Search for JFK» been unfairly forgotten?OCTOBER 31, 2013
The Man with the President’s Ear, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and JFK
by Ted WidmerNo historian has ever been as close to power as Arthur Schlesinger Jr. was to President Kennedy.OCTOBER 28, 2013
Rethinking the JFK Legacy
by Steven M. GillonThere is a wide gap between the way historians view JFK and how the public perceives him.OCTOBER 28, 2013
Channelling George Washington: What if John F. Kennedy Had Lived?
by Thomas FlemingHad JFK lived, could he have beaten second-termitis?OCTOBER 28, 2013
JFK vs. the Military
by Robert DallekDuring the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy struggled as much with the Pentagon as he did with the Kremlin.SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
Kennedy’s Finest Moment
by Peniel E. JosephJune 11, 1963, may not be a widely recognized date these days, but it might have been the single most important day in civil rights history.JUNE 11, 2013
The Cuban Missile Crisis ExComm Meetings: Getting it Right After 50 Years
by Sheldon M. SternIt is just over thirty years since, as historian at the JFK Library, I listened for the first time to the then classified recordings of the Cuban missile crisis White House meetings of the Executive Committee of the National Security Council (ExComm).OCTOBER 14, 2013
Kennedy, the Elusive President
by Jill AbramsonWas Kennedy really a great president?OCTOBER 23, 2013
Does Mimi Alford’s New Memoir Finally Mean the Death Knell for the Camelot Myth of JFK?
by Vaughn Davis BornetThe confirmation of the philandering JFK.MARCH 5, 2012
Who Really Won the 1960 Election?
by David StebenneNovember 8, 2010 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the presidential election of 1960, which still very much interests those who care about disputed elections.NOVEMBER 14, 2010
Did the 1960 Presidential Debates Really Matter?
by James L. BaughmanProbably not, but they have been election rituals ever since.SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
1963: 11 Seconds in Dallas
by Max Holland and Johann RushWithin hours of John F. Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, the Kodak film exposed by Abraham Zapruder became the most important home movie ever made.NOVEMBER 23, 2007
The Kennedy Brothers and Civil Rights
by Sheldon M. SternIn The Bystander: John F. Kennedy and the Struggle for Black Equality, Basic Books, 2006, Nick Bryant concludes that JFK was too cautious and hesitant on civil rights.MAY 27, 2007
Errors Still Afflict the Transcripts of the Kennedy Presidential Recordings
by Sheldon M. SternEverything has a history including the writing of history itself.FEBRUARY 21, 2005
The Cuban Missile Crisis Myth You Probably Believe
by Sheldon M. SternDebunking the Trollope Ploy narrative propagated by RFK.OCTOBER 24, 2004
Why the History Channel Had to Apologize for the Documentary that Blamed LBJ for JFK’s Murder
by Stanley I. KutlerLBJ’s family and friends heatedly protested the program.APRIL 7, 2004
Why We Are Still Preoccupied with the Kennedy Might-Have-Beens
by William C. KashatusAfter forty years, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy continues to ignite countless conspiracy theories, rising from the strange circumstances and seemingly inexplicable actions surrounding it.NOVEMBER 16, 2003

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